Topcon, the company that brought you the first integrated GPS receiver now brings you the first fully integrated handheld GNSS receiver and field controller! Small & Lightweight Design—ideal network rover Scalable & Expandable—handheld or on-the-pole Multi-function—survey/map/navigate/communicate Topcon’s new GRS-1 (Geodetic Rover System) is the world’s first fully integrated dual constellation network enabled RTK rover system. It is an all-in-one handheld GNSS receiver and field controller featuring high-speed processor, increased memory, built-in camera and digital compass. Also integrated are an SD memory card slot, optional internal GSM or CDMA modem, and wireless connectivity via Wireless LAN and Bluetooth® wireless technology. The GRS-1 achieves three primary and evolutionary goals for a GNSS receiver: small size, minimal weight, and affordability. It provides DGPS capability via an internal L1 antenna, perfect for the GIS and navigation space. Instantly move to centimeter RTK accurate dual frequency / dual constellation GNSS by simply adding a carbon-fiber pole with Topcon’s PGA-1 external antenna then connect to your local GNSS network via the internal modem. As an added benefit, the GRS-1 can also be used as a static post processed receiver system. World’s First all-in-one, handheld, dual frequency GNSS Receiver and Field Controller     * Smallest, lightest RTK rover receiver     * 1cm RTK accuracy     * Dual-frequency, 72 channel GPS + GLONASS receiver     * Fastest receiver—100Hz     * Integrated cell phone (GSM, CDMA)     * 806MHz XScale Processor     * Bright, touch screen display     * Integrated camera & compass     * Windows® Mobile 6.1 Operating System     * Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and Wireless LAN connectivity       
Topcon GRS-1
The GRS-1 comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera with autofocus for taking pictures. Store photos on-board with the 1GB of Flash memory or use the external SD card slot for additional memory.
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