The NEW ALPHA dominates every other laser in it's class, combining maximum performance with the best laser features and a great price. It's the smart choice for: -Commercial slabs and tilt ups -High-rise building construction -Long range grading -Smaller projects with tight specs Don't settle for less, take control of your jobsite with the ALPHA. • Superior range • Slope matching • Long battery life • Elevation alert • Built to survive the jobsite       
Alpha ProShot
MODEL PROSHOT RANGE 2000 ft. diameter ACCURACY 1/16" at 100 ft. POWER 4 "C" cell batteries SELF LEVELING Servo motor, 5 degree range BATTERY LIFE 100 Hours SLOPE MATCHING Single axis 10% ROTATION SPEED 600 or 1200 RPM MACHINE COTROL Compatible - YES WARRANTY 24 Months LASER CLASS CDRH and IEC class 2
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